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Bobo holiday - Spring/Summer Theme Trend Of 2021
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The pursuit of freedom, close to nature's way of life is more and more popular. The bobos combine bourgeois qualities with Bohemian free will and artistic atmosphere to bring the perfect holiday for the spring and summer of 2021. We're going back to the '70s and picking up the good old days. Not only is the reproduction of the style, the life concept of environmental protection in the 1970s is also advocated, do the gardener back to the earth, repair the good holiday manufacturers in china wmen shoes manufacturers

With smooth contours, canvas, cotton and other natural material the use of pure and fresh and simple color collocation, make the fusion of modern city and national manufacturers in china wmen shoes manufacturers
Fabric direction -- primary color lafite (women's shoes)
The original natural color of lafite grass, fresh and comfortable, brought a refreshing color experience of spring and summer. Also can pass the craft such as braid, hook flower, gift material to the design with more variety, focus on hollow hook flower lafite, wear breathable have design feeling again.
Fabric direction -- natural canvas (men's shoes)
While keeping the fabric simple and natural, more friendly and environmentally friendly natural canvas has drawn close attention from designers. From the whole trend, the use of natural canvas undoubtedly highlights the harmony between man and manufacturers in china wmen shoes manufacturers
Pattern direction -- plant memory (women's shoes)
This theme explores the life-changing effects of plants in the context of environmental trends. Just as in the 1970s, with the awakening of environmental awareness, people brought plants into the indoor environment and created an environment full of plant ecology. When the diversity of plants is destroyed, we can restore the memory of plants through the plant samples and continue the power of plants. The dehydrated texture of the plant, the beauty of nature. The silhouette of the plant specimen and the color after precipitation are also full of artistic manufacturers in china wmen shoes manufacturers
Pattern direction -- waiting for flowers (men's shoes)
Flower already is not the representative that the woman is exclusive, its that magnificent life, give menswear with vigor full of the feeling of spring. The flower that grows in nature with free posture, resemble a world without distinction of race, without limit. Rich printing design and full-bodied color collision, full of profusion with the nature of the holiday manufacturers in china women shoes manufacturers
The type and direction - tropical printing floor (shoes)
Large leaves and tropical flower decoration in the form of a flat printing, embossing, in areas such as the shoe is given priority to with platform shoes, have better printing play space, has the visual impact, more than ordinary sole manufacturers in china wmen shoes manufacturers
Heel direction -- straw mixed sole (men's shoes)
Straw weaving, is a traditional handicraft, the material derived from vegetation. It is interesting to weave different patterns with grass. Compared to the single grass woven sole, the grass woven sole of 2021 spring and summer men's shoes appears in the form of mixed combination, combining with the molded sole, rubber sole, etc., and the wind of vacation, making shoes become daily wear is also very suitable, rich wearing occasions.
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