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Comfortable life --women's shoes single product trend in autumn and winter
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As we spend more and more time at home, shoes offer a new definition of femininity in the modern world, while promoting comfort and touch. 1. Promote ergonomics: design without constraint. Re-evaluate the building blocks of everyday footwear and promote the movement with modular pieces that can be paired with each other. 2. Comfort is the key: use fleece fabrics and soft materials to cater to a pleasant and comfortable tone. Reinventing femininity: previous seasons of women's wear have been influenced by men's wear. The beginning of new 10 years, be good at the stylist that reinterprets feminine flavour with nifty feeling as inspiration source.

Key item - comfortable slippers
The concept of minimalism will drive the development of temperance, inspire people to enjoy the beauty of simple life while reducing the impact on the environment. Under the theme of comfortable life, we advocate the minimalist and comfortable foot feeling experience more, and slippers pay more attention to the design of material and heel under this theme. Therefore, the simulation plush texture and heel shoe design, to meet the needs of home and out.

Style recommendation - home slippers
The pursuit of delicate life changes the demand of traditional home shoes, so in the design of home slippers can be added to the elements of the diamond decoration, reference to Colorsof California, and through the exquisite plush material to highlight the modern delicate; Boyy's plush fasteners have more reference value, and the sole position does not add the nap material, makes the shoe style more relaxed, to meet different consumer needs.

Style recommended - go out slippers
Home office comfort is becoming more and more important, and the macro trend of increasing telecommuting is affecting traditional business attire. The flat slipper that coziness occupies the home with wool shoe again occupy everybody's field of vision. Leading modern brands, such as NANUSHKA, accentuate refinement with plush uppers, while the combination of home and commute brings a casual look both indoors and out with a pair of slippers.

Key item - very simple shoes
Comfortable trend is the mainstream that women shoe tastes all the time, because this fastidious extremely simple shoe occupies important position in profession and recreational category. While taking care of key neutral colors, explore new nude colors to accommodate diverse skin tones. The design of shoe model can use square shoe mouth and design of high vamp, make comfortable languid is lazy qiu dong transition sheet is tasted.

Style recommendation - ballet shoes
Cater to 20/21 autumn and winter exquisite and comfortable trend, conform to the trend of indoor and outdoor shoes suitable to wear, the shoe money for the display of natural dyed leather and chromium-free tanned leather and other innovative materials provided a great opportunity. Pedro accentuates the vintage look with Mary Jane strips and satin; Also can use square shoe model to make halfback comfortable shoe money. Soft leather and an elastic opening can also create a casual new look.

Style recommendation - cat shoes
Slip-on shoes are key to workplace styling and commuting. Under the theme of comfortable life, the heel design with single shoes is more inclined to kitten heel, but the heel design and radian are more innovative than traditional kitten heel. You can refer to Christian Dior, Nicholas Kirkwood and other brands, and in the process and material to improve the comfort, for product value-added, increase the service life of the product.

Key item - basic ankle boots
Cross-season series is essential, climate change and the spring cold season for boots and other winter types into the summer pieces provide a better opportunity, so ankle boots wearing season is not limited to the autumn and winter season, and the basic type of ankle boots for more seasons to wear the possibility.

Style recommended - ankle boots with thick heels
This transition season advocate boot style holds a place in shoe taste, suit to enter autumn especially new product. Keep the upper a little higher than the ankle and add new ideas to the design with toe shapes, materials, and metal accessories. In this theme, more praise the use of wooden heel to create a sense of original ecology, can refer to the brand Mari Giudicelli, Minelli, etc.
Style recommended - western boots
Western boots fashion occupies an important position in foreign market, not only in the shopping mall or in the important exhibition, are the key type. And traditional sense of western boots straightforward profile and serpentine material uppers are not suitable for the domestic market, but the western boot heels and boots tube design with a wide and comfortable foot feeling, so under the meet the demand of domestic market, improve the colour of western boots can use naked color, high design, also can choose short boots to join industrial hardware fasteners more commercial value.

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