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Spring/summer 2022
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Fun hollow out -- the trend of children's shoes technology in Spring/summer 2022

First, arch hollow out

The arched hollow out form will make the whole have a "three-dimensional sense", enrich the level of the structure, add a lot of beauty of the product. The design OF ARCH is also a common craft model in home design, especially in the home of children's field quite popular.

Arch hollow - recommended style

Arch hollow out in the production of cutting pieces, can be properly let its deformation, on the one hand, according to the deformation to increase the practicality of the style, on the other hand, can also carry out decorative design. In the production or pay attention to the rationality of the structure, so as not to let the style of the "shape" deformation.

Second, the shape is hollow

Different shapes of hollow design, will form a special curve beauty, different shapes combined with high brightness tone, more to meet the needs of the children's market, construct a full of interesting patterns, color block combination of new optical illusion effect, to create a delicate and cute and fashionable appearance.

Shape hollow out -- recommended style

The shape hollow out is presented in a more interesting shape. Referring to the brand Boxbo, the left and right feet are presented in different shapes, which is full of fun and does not affect the comfort of wearing. Monnalisa is to be in the girl and girl market hot love hollow out modelling to apply to the shoe.

Three, complex hollow out

Complex hollow punching is mainly round, such as the common iron decoration in daily life in the form of punching, punching is small and dense, showing a complex appearance. In the design of children's related single products, the complex design of detailed parts should be combined, and it is not necessary to be too large to be too cumbersome.

Complex hollow out -- recommended style

The visual effect of complex hollow out is very outstanding, which can add a lot of beauty to the style. Dense hollow punching forms can be roughly divided into two types, one is to cut through the form of geometric combination, which will produce a sense of order. There is also a kind of production according to the pattern pattern, so that the hollow punching out of the pattern will be more three-dimensional.

Four, cladding hollow out

Double-layer or multi-layer design, through the hollowing process to present the underlying fabric, increase the interest at the same time, the sense of design is also more intense, mostly reflected in the hollowing shape is more diversified, color or material intensity is more collision, at the same time, the technology will be more complex.

Cladding hollowout -- recommended style

The hollowed-out cloth and the hollowed-out "through the bottom" will produce a contrast of material, with a rich sense of hierarchy. The arrangement of hollow out can be made by laser cutting process. In the choice of fabric should pay attention to, try to choose a very wide sense of good, not easy to fold after cutting fabric.

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