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Look for embossed leather -- Trends in surface accessories for Spring/summer 202
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Look for embossed leather -- Trends in surface accessories for Spring/summer 2022

Overview of Topics

The natural texture of animal leather brings an unparalleled sense of hierarchy to the leather. The surface of the leather after emboding presents different patterns and textures, with obvious three-dimensional relief, which enhances the artistic appeal of the leather. Embosed leather is widely used in clothing design. Different from the simple style of light skin, embosed leather has a high visual sense, especially the texture of rare animal skin, which is popular with designers.

First, the key material - crocodile grain

Crocodile skin is the gold of leather, known for its top luxury and rarity. The beauty of crocodile skin lies in its natural gradient of square lines, although the lack of elasticity, but the texture is very strong. Crocodile skin is scarce in the world, so cowhide embodding has become the best bearing material to highlight the texture of crocodile skin.

Style recommendation - women's shoes

Alligator print is used very much in women's fashion shoes, slippers, single shoes are very applicable; Different parts of the crocodile texture is irregular, but with the same aesthetic feeling; SUGARSU's shoes are made with a smooth leather and crocodile print, but with elastic pleats at the mouth and instep that echo the crocodile texture at the toe.

Style recommendation - sports leisure

With the continuous upgrading of leather materials, crocodile texture began to gradually integrate into the design of sneakers, first-line brands love to use crocodile leather to create sneakers, crocodile texture makes shoes more luxury meaning.

Second, the key material - snake grain

Snake always gives people a kind of cold, objective feeling, this kind of cold seems to be their way to protect themselves, but her innate charm is so that people want to get close, the incomprehensible snake pattern makes designers linger, it is difficult to give up.

Style recommendation - women's shoes

Rich color is a wonderful highlight of aging snake pattern; The green and yellow in the popular color or the collocation pink all bring different snake pattern image for spring and summer; Small area or in the form of strip show, clean design, can get rid of the mature charm of the snake.

Style recommendation -- sports shoes

Snakes give people a sense of dangerous cold and colorful, but with bright colors, give snake pattern a new wild beauty, more diversified new ideas, bright colors give snake pattern single products new fashion characteristics.

Third, the key material - ostrich grain

Ostrich skin is one of the rare high-quality leather in the world. It is soft, light, strong tensile force and good air permeability. The natural pattern formed by the raised pores of ostrich skin has a special natural feather hole dot pattern, forming its iconic texture.

Style recommendation - women's shoes

The unique round hole pattern of ostrich pattern is used in the basic single product to inject vitality into the shoes. Dsquared2's Western boots combine ostrich and cowhin to add a wild luxury to the classic American cowboy look.

Recommended style - men's shoes

Ostrich tattoo in the performance of men's shoes, generally used to create business dress style shoes, mostly used in love shoes, with the prevalence of cooperation between luxury brands and sports brands, ostrich tattoo also began to be used in sports shoes, to create senior sports style.

Four, the key material - lizard grain

The smooth scales of lizard skin have a flaming charm, creating a truly unique wild quality among rare leather. Lizard grain texture is chic, scales are tight, natural small blocks are arranged regularly, very fashion sense.

Style recommendation - women's shoes

Lizard grain is the same as crocodile grain, which is generally suitable for fashion women's shoes. The whole shoe adopts lizard grain cowhide, the style is simple and the texture is clear and visible to the naked eye, which confirms the unique taste.

Five, the key material - embosed metal skin

The metal film material can make the basic sheepskin or cowhide glow with new luster, give consideration to the texture and luster, make the fabric become fashionable and young, add rare animal texture emboding, make the animal texture glow with scientific and technological texture.

Style recommendation - women's shoes

The embosed leather of metallic color infuses vitality into the shoes, the material with the effect of luster change makes the high-heeled shoes more feminine, the color change forms a wonderful flashing effect, and the golden texture is more brilliant.

Style recommendation -- sports shoes

The performance of metal embosed leather on sports shoes is more bright, and the integration of multiple colors makes the shoes attract full marks, which fully confirms the popularity of Y2K style. The father shoes of Sergio Rossi and Philipp Plein are more attractive because of the use of metal embosed material.


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