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Trump and his wife come to visit china with black high heel shoes
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I have a dream .  I wish all the first lady buy one shoes from AMC shoes company . Just because we did a great job on comfortable . as they really need walk a lot when they travel all over the world . 
I have a dream ,  I will all shoes from AMC shoe company not only just one shoes . they can speck with your feet , they have a soul , they can fell you painful. 
I have a dream ,  All the lady buy shoes from us without smell . Can we find a Dr help us  work with us ?  feet health is very importance for us . But we always ignore listening from them . 
I have a dream ,  We can hard work at shoes , and foot health over 100 year .  We have not let fashion like a yoke.  we do want fashion but with health and comfortable not painful. 
I have a dream , Amc shoes company can create amazing job on women high heel shoes . 
Do you have a good idea?  welcome contact with me by email : . Or wechat and 
whatsapp me  +8618819090400
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