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Mining Association hand in old shoes help raise League second-hand shoes to pass
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 "If the grain of wheat buried the dead, will bear much fruit," the airport duty-free shops and old shoes help UNITA mining associations to join LifeCare to Africa, from July 21 were "old love in the second Terminal force before sailing shoe line "love shoes raised activities, UNITA mining company said it will purchase and pay full freight containers, old shoes will be collated sent Kenya to reduce local children barefoot because tetanus infection caused by sand fleas risk of death, and shipping containers painted shoes will stay in the local transformed into classrooms.
 Shoes event raised since July 21 Ri (Zhousi) to 25th (Zhouyi) 12:00 to 6:00 pm on the first floor next to the second terminal building arrivals hall Tri guest service center. Mining Union pointed out that the site will be taken to assist the AU volunteers collect used shoes love, mining alliance will also Zhizeng beverage 5% off coupon acetate sheets to those who donate shoes.
 In addition, the selection of volunteers donated shoes by bagging on containers after 2 months 10,000 km of transport to arrive in Africa, shoe care is not just medical help. Mining Union also said, we welcome all kinds of outdated provide not wear shoes, a modest sell clean evacuation blessing to go further. But the relationship between climate, high heels, slippers, snow boots, riding boots and other less suitable.
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