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nobody understanding women heel shoes then we are
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I stay in office in the till mid of night .  Because I use to too busy for shoes factory daily work every day .  After all worker go home , I love stay in the office , try to let me come down and thinking the whole day job in case I missing some importance thing .  5 year work for shoes business , I do love my job that can really do something about lady.  When I read a book " beautiful VS  Craftwork "  I this that is exactly thing what we are doing is shoes factory .  Beautiful is not because of brand , it is because of design and detail . We try to create some thing really nice and care heel shoes for lady .  There is no one understand how suffering from heel shoes , but we can not say we will give up heel shoes , give up heel shoes mean give up  beautiful and sexy . So I decide , we need heel shoes , but we need to make sure as comfort as possible .  Even most of time we can wear flat and comfort shoes , but be sure we need have at least one elegant heel shoes in our shoes case .  Nobody can take away the "   beautiful and sexy " from us .  
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